A Look Back on 2017 in Running

2017 has been quite a year, if for no other reason than it has involved so many upsets in the world of running. Sports are by nature unpredictable because you never really know what could happen on a particular day. Here is a list of some of the biggest upsets that happened this year, in what has been a great period of time for running in general because it has created so many opportunities for fans to get into one of the greatest sports in the world.

  • The New York City Marathon: The marathon has been going on for about forty or so years now, and for the first few years women weren’t even allowed to compete. Times changed and women started to take part but it was not until 2017 that a woman finally ended up winning the marathon for the first time in its decades long history. Shalane Flanagan was a favorite to win the marathon along with Edna Kiplagat and Mary Keitany. It is quite amazing that this year, not only was the winner a women but both of the other favorites were women as well!
  • Usain Bolt Comes Third: Usain Bolt is possibly one of the most famous and fastest runners in history. This is why it would come as such a shock to people that he would come third in the final race of his illustrious career. He clearly seemed like he was coasting, getting off the blocks rather slowly as well. It is possible that he feels like he has already achieved all that he had ever wanted to achieve in his career, and that he wanted the final professional race of his life to be one that he could relax in.
  • Mo Farah Loses on Home Turf: Mo Farah is one of Britain’s greatest runners, but he ended up losing to Ethiopia’s finest, a runner by the name of Mukhtar Edris. Edris ended up proving Africa’s legacy of producing the greatest runners in the world by pushing ahead of Farah in the last leg of the race. This proved the young runners ability to keep his pace going even in the final part of the race, something which some of the greatest runners alive today are not able to do. It will be exciting to see how Edris moves forward in his career.
  • University Champ Wins 10K Senior Cross Country: Running at the university level is indeed quite a large achievement, but it is still not quite as incredible as winning a national event. The Canadian 10K cross country is one of the biggest races in Canada, so it was quite an upset when university champ Claire Summer beat professional racers and ended up winning the race. She is one of the youngest winners in the history of the tournament which is why she is rising up in the ranks so quickly. Only time will tell whether or not she is able to maintain her momentum.
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