Beginner’s Guide: What To Wear At An Obstacle Race

As an obstacle racing beginner, you might be wondering what you should wear at your upcoming event. No doubt you’ve found various articles outlining the benefits of certain (but very expensive) bits of equipment. Don’t worry, the more expensive kit isn’t always necessary and may only be worth the investment if you take part in obstacle races regularly, or happen to be doing something on the more “extreme” end of the spectrum. In this article we’ll let you know how you can easily sort yourself out with great gear, without breaking the bank.

Please bear in mind, the following suggestions are for spring/summer races. If you’re bravely jumping straight into a winter race you will probably have to invest in more technical kit to keep you safe and warm (but well done for getting stuck in!)


Your shoes are probably the most important item of kit you’ll need – especially in the muddier races. It’s not a good idea to chuck on your old gym trainers and hope for the best obstacle races for beginners as they’ll have no outdoor grip at all and will make some of the ditches and hills quite treacherous. At the top of the range and worn by all elite racers are inov-8 Mudclaws and X-talons, but at £85+ you might not want to invest in them on your first run. You basically need to get an off-road or “trail shoe”. A couple of options that will do a great job without breaking the bank are the Adidas Kanadia.

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