Shoes that don’t make your Feet Hurt While Working Long Hours

Standing is not the same as the walking, running, or jogging. There are a lot of jobs which involves staying at the same spot in long time. It sounds so simple but it is actually much harder. When you are on your feet all day, you will need the best shoes for standing all day long.

People who work in retail or convenient store know this really well. Not to mention that some folks also need to stand still at hospitals, hotels, or commercial buildings. Jobs which require the employees to stand and walking around put such big pressure on the feet. If you are doing this kind of job, you’ll agree that you need the best shoes for standing all day long.

It will give a lot of stress to you feet. It is sensible since your entire body weight rests on the feet in long period of time. For some folks, it can be long from six to sixteen hours per day. Some jobs require 12 hours of standing still work such as bodyguard, security, etc. When certain kinds of activities are done by wearing regular shoes, this can’t be good. You will feel tired and exhausted. If you do this for a while, you may notice some disorders in your feet. That can be the side effect of wearing regular shoes for this demanding activity.

When choosing the pair for your necessity, keep in mind that you can’t go wrong by sticking to best shoes for standing & walking all day long.

Speaking of the outsole design, the shoes for standing all day long must be wide and flat. If you are lucky, you could try the shoes right at the store. Make sure that the outsole part has the full ground contact.

Then you could check the pair’s midsole. What you need is adequate amount of cushioning to make it all day. You will need such comfortable shoes if you are going to stand all the day. In case you are moving from one room to another often, you will need to choose one which has ample cushioning.

Often folks overlook the upper part of the shoes. You may also not notice this. When you choose a pair of shoe, you tend to choose one which is a narrow fitting. It can work for occasional purposes. But if you are going to wear it for long hours period, it is not the best choice. Make sure that the shoes you choose have enough splay room for your feet.

In many buildings, the floors are too smooth. So, make sure you choose one which has the good grip for smooth to slippery floors. You probably consider to purchase running shoes for this purpose. Keep in mind that not all running shoes are good for standing all day. You could wear your running shoes if you are standing around 6-8 hours, shorter shift. In some places which require shorter shift time, you could wear your running shoes instead if you are not planning to purchase a new pair.

Stick only to the best shoes for standing all day long, and you will be golden.

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