Top 10 Point and Shoot Cameras Reviewed in 2018

Top 10 Point and Shoot Cameras 2018


Point and shoot cameras still have their target audience lined up to see what new things manufacturers have in store. Despite a slight drop in popularity, this type of device is still a best-selling product when it comes to photography related items. The reason for that is the compact body and the increasingly better results the best point and shoot cameras 2018 tend to get. If you find yourself among the many who are on the market for a small camera, you should take your time and ready our buying guide. It will help narrow the number of devices you are probably considering. Keep in mind that our guidelines are based on questions sent to us by readers from all over the world.

Where to start?

You might want to start by choosing a camera with a large enough display to suite your needs. Also remember look for strong colors and a clear image of what you are going to photograph. Because point and shoot cameras don’t have a viewfinder, you will need to orient yourself solely by looking into the display. It should be large and vivid, whit excellent sun glare protection. We recommend getting the Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 IS which is perfect for outdoor shootings. For more information check out the reviews below. In addition, the Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 IS holds great reputation among the top vlogging cameras with a flip screen.


Should the size of the sensor matter when it comes to point and shoot cameras?

This should no longer be judged about how many megapixels it can produce. All camera manufacturers are now able to deliver megapixels but just a handful can also deliver high quality images. You should also consider the fact that a large sensor means less space for light to go into the device thus resulting in low quality results. That being said, you should consider a point and shoot camera with a decent enough sensor to provide top end results while still offering you the benefits of a compact gadget. We recommend getting the Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS. For more details check out the reviews below.


Should you consider optical zoom when choosing a point and shoot camera?

This is actually the only type of zoom you need to focus on. Optical zoom will not lower the quality of your pictures and will maintain the same result. Digital zoom on the other hand will crop the image and ruin its native quality. Remember to invest in a device with a high optical zoom if you want to get great images every time.


Is image stabilization the same with all point and shoot cameras?

The answer is no. Point and shoot cameras have different stabilization mechanisms. Some work better than others. Don’t raise your hopes too high though because these devices need a tripod in order to deliver high quality results. If you do what the best of the best, look for a gadget which has both digital and optical stabilization. Remember though this can cost you more than usual as some point and shoot cameras lack this particular feature.


What Photographers Recommend


Point and shoot cameras continue to be popular despite the enhanced performance of smartphone cameras. These devices are now more affordable than ever which makes photography enthusiasts eager to invest in the perfect gadget. Making the right investment is a process which necessitates time. In order to help you save that time our specialists have tested dozens of cameras out of which they’ve picked only five that are capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers.


Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 IS Digital Camera


The PowerShot ELPH 130 is a best-selling point and shoot camera. It is perfect for people who love taking pictures of new places each and every time they leave home. It is compact and easy to carry around despite providing some amazing features. It comes with a 16 MP sensor and the ability to record 720p HD videos. It has a built in Wi-Fi adaptor for effortless sharing and data transfer. It is designed with 32 preinstalled shooting modes which will help amateur photographers obtain impeccable results regardless of the situation. One last thing worth mentioning is the ECO mode which will prolong the life of the battery.


Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS Digital Camera


The ELPH 520 is one of the affordable point and shoot cameras. Even though it does not have the most powerful of sensors, it is still capable of providing some amazing results. This 10.1 MP CMOS gadget is capable of Full HD filming. Even the sound recording is excellent. It comes with an image stabilizer and it has a very compact body. It is currently the world’s slimmest 12x zoom camera. It also uses the patented HS system which increases image quality. It is designed with a movie button and it can be directly connected to any device via HDMI.


Nikon COOLPIX S3500 Digital Camera


The Coolpix collection by Nikon is very popular among people who love to travel but hate to carry around a lot of gear. This small camera has an impressive 20.1 MP sensor which uses NIKKOR glass for its lens. This device is also capable of 720p HD filming. The sound is just as good as the video. As far as technology goes, the S3500 comes with Vibration Reduction and Subject Tracking to help you get the clearest pictures you possibly can. It is great for shooting moving targets and it provides excellent results during poor lighting conditions.


Olympus SZ-12 Digital Camera


It comes with a 14 MP sensor which is more than enough for taking those vacation pictures you love so much. It has a 24x wide-angle zoom and a very clear and bright 3 inch LCD display. It is capable of HD filming and uses Dual Image Stabilization technology. It has a super slim body and it is capable of high speed shooting. It even comes with preinstalled art filters for both pictures and videos.


Nikon COOLPIX L28 Digital Camera


Most amateur photographers consider the L28 to be the best point and shoot camera 2015. It has a powerful 20MP sensor and a 5x wide-angle NIKKOR glass lens and it is capable of 720 HD filming. It has a built-in microphone and it will eliminate a lot of the extra noise. It comes with 18 shooting modes which can come in handy if you don’t know the first thing about photography. This camera is easy to use and very intuitive. It is fast and most importantly it is lightweight and very portable. It is the perfect choice if you love to travel with just a backpack at your disposal.


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