Ultrarunning Films

Film is a medium in which a filmmaker communicates with his or her viewers. In ultrarunning films, filmmakers may communicate glimpses of the training, lifestyle, and the incredible training scenery of our favorite athletes. These films can be made independently but often shoe, gear, and media companies help foot the bill and promote sponsored athletes along with ultrarunning in general. Film can also bring a unique element of race coverage and depth to the sport. Films like Unbreakable allow us to witness the front action of the 2010 Western States 100 race with some race history to boot. To the viewers, films offer insight and inspiration.

Here we look at some of the prominent ultrarunning films that have been produced as well as those coming soon; additionally, we offer viewing information for each film so you can enjoy them, too. Through this, we see that the niche of ultrarunning filmmaking has both been a part of the sport for longer than most of us have and it’s presently experiencing a boom cycle.

Cross-Continental Running Films

Several best running documentaries cover running across North America. The Great American Foot Race, produced by Vision Maker Video, documents the 1928 race from Los Angeles to New York won by 19-year-old Andy Payne. His win netted him an extraordinary prize purse for the time, $25,000. The Great American Foot Race is available on DVD as well as on on Amazon Instant Video for rental or purchase. You’ll see in the trailer that some entertaining reenactment is used to portray an event that took place about 85 years ago.

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